Case Studies
Fueling Fraud Protection

Case Study: Fueling Fraud Protection

In our latest case study, we cover a Payment Service Provider (PSP) that works with more than 400 petrol station and convenience store clients in the United Kingdom, each of which run a high volume of cardholder-present transactions. Because petrol stations and convenience stores are common targets for credit card fraud, this customer was eager for help in establishing best practices, including segmenting their networks to protect data, and the process of reaching and maintaining PCI compliance.

This case study provides:

  • An overview of the challenges this PSP faced in developing a PCI compliance solution that would minimise efforts for its hundreds of clients and its own business.
  • Insight into tactics that cyberthieves use to target self-service petrol pumps, lured by the high number of daily payment transactions and the historically lax security.
  • How SecureTrust helped the PSP and its clients determine the best approach to bring the petrol stations and convenience stores into a compliance framework, including efficiently managing the scope across a complex set of processes.