Cyberthreats and Transaction Laundering Increase Your Risk

Maintaining an appropriate level of risk, while avoiding damage to your reputation and costly non-compliance fees is not a simple undertaking.


merchants aggregating unregistered transactions in a typical portfolio


aggregating merchants with card-brand violating activity

More than 50%

merchants illegally laundering transactions who were previously rated low-risk


  • Merchant PCI & Portfolio Risk Management

    Maintaining an appropriate level of risk in your merchant portfolio allows you to maximize your revenues without damage to your reputation and costly non-compliance fees. But achieving that optimum level requires a great deal of insight and ideally automation, particularly with the increasing scrutiny on transaction laundering.

    SecureTrust delivers a comprehensive Merchant Risk Management program designed for your needs. The Merchant PCI Compliance and Security solution helps your merchants fast track compliance. The Web Risk Monitoring (WRM) solution helps you with card brand reporting, including Transaction Laundering Detection, and other merchant portfolio management tasks.

    SecureTrust is unmatched in the industry in the breadth and depth of its Merchant Risk Management program offering. You benefit from a fully supported program that helps you meet card brand requirements while reducing the risk to your organization.


      • Merchant Monitoring

        Real-time reporting features help you maintain a watchful eye on the progress being made by your merchant populations toward program enrollment, security adoption and compliance.

      • Helps Reduce Risks in Your Merchant Portfolio

        WRM helps validate that merchants are selling the goods they say they are – helping protect you from rapidly increasing non-compliance fees for transaction laundering. It also helps verify that online sites have sound data security practices in place.

      • Offload Manual Processes from Your Staff

        A cloud-based, managed service, WRM helps you unburden your staff of manual processes. The Content Monitoring service scans, detects, inventories and analyzes website content in a fraction of the time required to perform the same functions manually.

      • Integrated Analysis and Streamlined Reporting

        A customizable dashboard showcases critical management elements including merchant activity, statistical reviews, drill-downs and hierarchical views. Services are tuned for card brand requirements. Reports for Visa and MasterCard are a click away.

      • Simplified Workflow to Speed Merchant Compliance

        Industry-leading PCI compliance services help even the smallest merchants achieve and maintain compliance. The security toolkit is deeply integrated in to workflow and helps reduce the number of compliance questions your merchants answer.

      • Affordable Security Designed for Small Merchants

        More than 17 integrated merchant security tools are offered in three bundle packages according to your goals. These affordable tools, including anti-virus and web malware monitoring, are specifically designed for the requirements of small merchants.

      • Drive Additional Revenues with Merchant Services

        The integrated security tools for merchants can help you increase your services revenue. The tools are easy to install and don’t require support from you or your team. These valuable services can increase satisfaction with your program offering.

      • Breach Protection for Your Merchants

        As an additional service in today's hostile cybercrime environment, you can bundle in Breach Protection as a safety net for your merchants, to help offset the business-threatening costs of a data breach.


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        May 4, 2017


    • The Merchant Risk Management Program includes both the Merchant PCI Compliance and Security solution and the Web Risk Monitoring (WRM) solution to help you secure your merchant lifecycle – including reducing risk at onboarding, monitoring data security and moving merchants toward Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. In addition, SecureTrust offers a broad set of security tools designed for small and medium-size business (SMB) owners that merchants can install and use themselves. All services are accessible through the Trustwave TrustKeeper ® portal for an integrated dashboard.

    • Merchant PCI Compliance and Security

      When you partner with SecureTrust to develop your merchant program, you have the best of both worlds: a high-touch, dedicated team of experts helping you develop and nurture your program and automated, easy-to-use tools for real-time program monitoring. Integrated security tools help speed your merchants toward PCI compliance; when installed many of the questions on the Self-Assessment Questionnaire will be prefilled for them, eliminating this task for the merchant and simplifying their Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance process.

      Web Risk Monitoring

      The SecureTrust Web Risk Monitoring (WRM) solution offers you a full suite of services for monitoring your merchant portfolio to meet card brand requirements, reducing your risk and expanding your services offerings. WRM includes: Transaction Laundering Detection, Content Monitoring, Merchant Intelligence, Malware Monitoring and Custom Monitoring.