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Protecting Telcos in a Cloud-Based World

Protecting Telcos in a Cloud-Based World - SecureTrust Case Study

As the pandemic quickly created a work-from-home revolution, business phone systems and other communications applications have increasingly moved to the cloud. As a result, telco companies are increasingly assuming responsibility for these cloud services’ PCI DSS compliance, as well as for the compliance of the data centres. These companies must do everything from properly configuring VoIP firewalls and encrypting the personal information transmitted by the cloud-based systems to serving as network service providers and securing the data centres’ physical environment and servers.

This case study provides:

  • An overview of a leading multi-service operator working across several continents and its need for a complex PCI DSS compliance programme.
  • Insight into threats that companies face as they quickly shift to VoIP, digitised IT operations and other subscription-based cloud services that promise stability but also create new cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
  • Details on how SecureTrust utilised its global team, the most QSAs of any security and compliance company in the world, to offer this telco a globally unified approach along with guidance on local regulations and payment processes, making the process of managing enterprise-wide assessments and ROCs easier and more efficient.