Data Sheet PCI Plus Risk Assessment Services Brief

The SecureTrust PCI Plus Risk Assessment enables your organization to execute a security strategy that focuses on continuous compliance.

After considering the risks in today's evolving threat landscape and prioritizing protection efforts, customers will emerge with a defense strategy that fulfills and exceeds PCI DSS requirements.PCI Plus allows you to:

  • Strengthen segmentation and security between the corporate environment and the cardholder data environment (CDE)
  • Know, exactly, where cardholder data lies and when the environment or data changes
  • Increase the likelihood of incident detection at the time of (or soon after) a security event

SecureTrust Compliance Validation Service (CVS) bundles provide PCI services options from the industry leader. With the flexibility of the SecureTrust Compliance Validation Service bundles, you can strengthen your security posture and validate your compliance. At SecureTrust we know that each organization operates differently, so we make it possible for you to select the appropriate level of service according to your organization's maturity in complying with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

  • Date Added:January 10, 2017
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