As an industry leader in merchant risk management, SecureTrust delivers comprehensive and customizable programs to merchant service providers who are responsible for merchant risk. Our approach is designed to help you build your business while reducing risks and expanding your merchant service offerings without additional overhead requirements.


Protect Your Merchants. Reduce Your Risk.

When you partner with SecureTrust, you benefit from our experience. We have been delivering solutions to merchant service providers throughout the world for more than 20 years. Our expertise will provide guidance to help you achieve your revenue goals and reduce costs through risk mitigation.

You benefit from a well-designed and fully supported program that helps you meet card brand requirements. The SecureTrust Merchant Risk Management program also blends cost-effective Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance and data security solutions for Level 4 merchants with dedicated program management.

SecureTrust: One Stop Shop for PCI Compliance, Security and Web Risk Monitoring

Acquirers, processors, payment gateways, and independent sales organizations (ISOs) who take full advantage of the two key solutions in the SecureTrust Merchant Risk Management program find great benefits in portfolio risk mitigation. Together, the SecureTrust Merchant PCI Compliance and Security solution and the SecureTrust Web Risk Monitoring solution secure the merchant lifecycle - including reducing risk at onboarding, ensuring the right data security approach is in place and moving merchants toward Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance. In addition, SecureTrust offers a broad set of security tools designed for small merchants that you can offer to your merchants to install and use themselves. All services are accessible through our TrustKeeper® portal via single sign on so you can easily track the status of your merchants.


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    When you partner with SecureTrust to develop your merchant program, you have the best of both worlds: a high-touch, dedicated team of experts helping you develop and nurture your program and automated, easy-to-use tools for real-time program monitoring. Integrated security tools help speed your merchants toward PCI compliance; when installed many of the questions on the Self-Assessment Questionnaire will be prefilled for them, eliminating this task for the merchant and simplifying their PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) compliance process.
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    The SecureTrust Web Risk Monitoring (WRM) solution offers you a full suite of services for monitoring your merchant portfolio to meet card brand requirements, reducing your risk and expanding your services offerings. WRM includes: Content Monitoring, Merchant Intelligence, Malware Monitoring, Custom Monitoring, Transaction Laundering Detection.