Case Studies
Opening the World to Customers While Locking Down Their Data

ACTA SecureTrust Case Study Opening the World to Customers While Locking Down Their Data

Today, many travel agencies are small companies with limited IT resources. Some still maintain paper files while others rely on customer relationship management software that can be easy targets for hackers if robust security protocols aren’t followed. As a result, industry associations are moving to assist smaller agents in ramping up their cyber defense.

This case study provides:

  • An overview of the challenges the Association of Cyprus Travel Agents (ACTA) faced in helping roughly 100 travel agencies meet PCI DSS compliance requirements, further complicated by the fact that most Cyprus travel agencies are small merchants with a handful of employees, limited IT security resources and tight budgets.
  • Insight into industry threats that travel and hospitality industries face as travel bookings have moved primarily online and card payment data has proliferated.
  • Details on how SecureTrust created a readiness workshop for all ACTA members to help them understand the importance of PCI compliance and the steps necessary to achieve it, along with creating an association partnership with ACTA that gave the association access to discounted pricing for mass enrollment.