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Penetration testing employs the ingenuity of the human intellect to expose the effectiveness of an organization’s security controls in real world situations against skilled hackers.

Defensive controls alone cannot secure your applications or networks. Even highly automated, sophisticated and advanced security tools and technologies are often vulnerable to attacks and are no match for the determination and creativity of the human mind. Penetration testing ensures holistic defense against attacks by exploring multiple attack vectors and combining vulnerabilities across different systems.

Gauge Real-World Effectiveness of your Security Posture

We offer industry-leading penetration testing services known as Managed Security Testing (MST). Our penetration testing service puts an  expert on your team. You administer penetration testing projects through our platform putting you in control to make sure testing occurs on your schedule, within your budget and on an on-going basis. Enlist unparalleled application and network penetration testing services on time, on budget and on demand via the cloud-based platform.

What SecureTrust Penetraton Testing Brings to You:

  • Access a full suite of penetration tests via our platform.

  • Expertise to augment your internal team and resources.

  • Ultimate control over your testing schedule.

  • Enterprise-wide risk analysis and trending

Get a Comprehensive Understanding of Your Risk Exposure With Our Penetration Testing Services

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Follow Best Testing Practices
Easily implement ad hoc testing for infrastructure changes and/or retesting remediated issues

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Access Elite Expertise
Whether you need to test your system’s defenses in a simulated cyberattack or simply need skilled resources to validate findings,
our team can augment your internal team quickly and easily.

Access a Wide Range of Penetration Testing Services
All testing, including standard and custom penetration tests, and retests.

Maintain Ultimate Control
Monitor your security posture, schedule tests and view findings. Avoid the hassle of multiple contract negotiations and enroll your testing targets directly into the portal.

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