SecureTrust File Integrity Monitoring is part of the Endpoint Protection Suite, a cloud-based solution using light-weight agent technology. SecureTrust File Integrity Monitoring monitors OS and registry file data on Windows-based POS devices, laptops, desktops and servers.


  • Cloud-based early warning system

    Deployment of SecureTrust File Integrity Monitoring provides an essential early warning indicator of potential malicious activity and the presence of malware in the network environment and is a good business practice as part of any comprehensive data security program in keeping systems in a known and trusted state.

    Leveraging SpiderLabs ® intelligence and expertise, SecureTrust File Integrity Monitoring prioritizes events by criticality with smart messaging that is both fine-grained and easy to understand, reducing the amount of investigation customers must do regarding file changes, adds and deletes.

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    • Easy to Use

      SecureTrust File Integrity Monitoring employs simple, clear messaging to explain complex file changes and modifications. Priorities are assigned to changes that guide you to the most critical changes first. All changes are collected in the TrustKeeper® portal for easy access to aggregated event information. The File Integrity Monitoring service is a modular component of our award-winning TrustKeeper Agent technology and installs seamlessly.
    • Useful Reporting

      Daily email digests of File Integrity Monitoring activity keep you up to date on changes to files on target devices . All File Integrity Monitoring data is easily exportable to .csv, Excel and PDF formats for further data analysis.
    • Compliance Support

      SecureTrust File Integrity Monitoring helps meet PCI requirement 11.5 for File Integrity Monitoring.

How It Works

  • SecureTrust File Integrity Monitoring requires zero capital investment and is easily deployed, with all maintenance provided by SecureTrust.

    FIM Flow Chart